The town of Bartlett in New Hampshire is an excellent village to visit in itself, but there are so many other attractions and places to visit in and around the village. Here are some of the places we recommend that you visit when you plan a trip to Bartlett.

Story Land

Perfect for families! This family friendly destination features a wide array of different rides and attractions that both young and old can enjoy. Hailed as the 25th among Tripadvisor’s Top Amusement Parks in the United States, Story Land features tons of events and activities ranging from shows featuring our favorite fantasy book characters like Cinderella, Humpty Dumpty, Peter Pan, Little Red Riding Hood and more to kid friendly rides, Story Land is a must visit for families with kids.

What’s more is that you can even subscribe to a monthly plan so you can visit the park unlimited times during the subscription period. Visit their website here:

Diana’s Baths

If you want to commune with nature, then Diana’s Baths is the perfect place for you! It’s a series of small waterfalls located at the corner of Bartlett. It’s perfect to visit during summers and both children and adults alike can enjoy the tranquil water the cascading waterfall has to offer.

You can sort of swim in the water, though it’ll be much more of a wading because the space is relatively small.

There is a large parking lot at the entrance to the hiking path to Diana’s Baths where you have to pay for a $5 daily pass from the self-service station. This daily pass should be displayed at your car’s dashboard, which can also be used to visit other national forest sites as well.

Echo Lake State Park

Located near Diana’s Baths, Echo Lake State Park features tons of activities and sights which is certainly well worth your time! There are two rock ledges offering scenic views that will give you a tranquil and relaxed feeling, perfect for escaping the daily mundanity of life.

It’s well-maintained and well-laid out suitable for all ages. There’s hiking trails with beautiful views to enjoy nature at its finest. There are also small BBQ and picnic tables. Aside from hiking, there’s also biking and climbing activities which can challenge you.