Bartlett, NH is one of the hidden gems that consists of great locations perfect for visitation and relaxation. The White Mountain view in the town is breathtaking and you’ll certainly want to see it at least once in your lifetime.

Fascinated by this town as well as the sanctuary that it offers, we decided to create this website. We are avid travelers and we’ve visited many places across the nation already, but few have struck us as Bartlett has.

It has many fascinating sights to offer and the townspeople are really friendly.

A Grand Location

The Attitash Grand Summit hotel is wonderful! You really ought to stay here if you plan on visiting Bartlett, NH. The views are magnificent and you are surrounded by nature wherever you turn your head to. It is peaceful and quiet – perhaps I achieved a state of nirvana while staying there. The lush greenery makes it feel very relaxing compared to the mundanity and business of a large city like New York. It’s a refuge from the concrete world – a haven where you’d be able to rekindle your connection with mother nature once again.

A breathtaking view

Nearby is the Thorne Pond Conservation area, which is a serene pond where you might be able to spot a variety of wildlife like beavers, ducks, loons and blue herons. If you follow the trail you will be able to reach the Saco River which offers nice views too.

Get Yourself Ready

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