Below is the information about Bartlett, which is current since the year of 2016.

Bartlett, New Hampshire is located in a mountain valley in the Central White Mountains approximately 3 hours North of Boston. Bartlett is comprised of three major sections: Intervale, which is at the east end of the Valley and abuts North Conway. Glen is centered at the Junction of Route 16 and 302 and abuts Jackson, it has the only stop-light in town. Bartlett Village is at the Westerly end of the Valley and abuts Harts Location.

The Town Hall, tax collector, selectman’s office and police department are in Intervale. The main fire department is in Glen, and the School is in Bartlett Village.

The major rivers flowing through Bartlett are the Saco which originates in Crawford Notch and flows to the aptly named Saco, Maine, where it empties into the Atlantic Ocean. Tributaries of the Saco River in Bartlett include the Ellis River and the Rocky Branch River.

The Population of Bartlett in 2008 was about 2700, which compares to about 1000 people in 1970.

Government is by a board of three Town Selectmen (Gene Chandler; Doug Garland & David Patch) who manage a town budget of approximately 2 million dollars per year (as of 2016). The Selectman hold weekly meetings every Friday morning, open to anyone who cares to attend.

(2008 data): The School budget of approximately 6.8 million dollars per year is managed by a five-member school board. There are about 325 students in grades preschool to 8 and a teaching staff of about 35 people. The town’s 106 High School students are transported to Kennett High School in North Conway (entrance opposite Walmart).

All town funds are appropriated by an open Town Meeting type format.

Bartlett offers a modern Fire Department with a full time paid chief. The Police Department operates with a chief, who is appointed by the Selectmen, and several full-time officers who are usually a prominent feature on the local roads. The town provides ambulance services and the closest hospital is in North Conway.

Bartlett has a comprehensive Zoning Ordinance administered by a seven-member Planning Board. It’s advisable not to do much of anything on your property until you check with them.  There are also regulations covering everything from leashing your dog to drinking in public to where not to park your car.

The Bartlett Public library offers a good selection of materials and is located at the Bartlett School. In 2006 the total circulation was 16,443. The library offers an adult computer corner with internet access and a scanner. It is open whenever the school is open. It is also open on Monday and Wednesday nights from 7 to 9 pm and Saturday from 11 am to 3 pm.

Tourism is the primary source of employment The two largest employers in Bartlett are Mt. Attitash Ski Area and Storyland Bartlett, which is home to hundreds of vacation homes and condominiums and boasts an assessed valuation of approximately one billion dollars.

Town offices are located at the Town Hall on Town Hall Road in Intervale. The Town ClerkTax Collector, The Office of the Selectmen and the Police Department are located there.